Monday, March 2, 2009

0.9kg in one week!

Sniff! Sniff! 0.9 kg in 1 week..Not FAIR!! My weight increased by that in one week and i did NOT eat excessively at all during that one week. In fact, i increased the intensity of my workout to going 4 times a week to the gym instead of twice a week!! so WHY? WHY? WHY?

Ironchef says i should be recovering more because that is the time when my body will actually loose weight than exerting myself at the gym. I have had more injuries added to my wound and my latest one is my calf injury.

1) Bruised and swollen ankle
2) Torn a ligument in my biceps
3) Calf injury
Not FAIR!! Sigh...maybe it is fated for me to FAT! Maybe God says, i will look cuter being FAT! Cute = Ugly but adorable!! ARGHHHHHH....I Need a MIRACLE NOW!!! Someone..please...
Anyway, besides all the weekend was quite good. I watched two good movies yesterday..a MUST WATCH.
1) 27 Dresses
2) The Last King of Scotland


  1. Your 0.9kg gain could be muscle because of your workout and not fat. You should be proud girl!

  2. well..i weighed myself again and i loss that weight! haha..maybe ironchef was RIGHT..i had to REST and recover first..hehe