Friday, March 6, 2009

Autumn is finally here!!

I am so relieved that this heat is finally OVER!! Autumn is finally here..and soon enough winter will follow. It has been hard getting out of bed in the morning lately because of the nice cool weather. 20 degrees on an average day now is just great! No more creepy crawlies in my house..i HATE Spiders! Snakes! and all sorts of insects that goes along with Summer. The amount of cob webs we had to clean in our garden was just disgusting. This year, Summer we had a different kind of insect that came into the house ---TWICE!!

I had to get this picture from Google cause for obvious reason, when i saw this i FREAKED out and Ironchef had to SORT IT OUT! We were told that this insect is called an Earwig and we were told that these kinds of insects will crawl into your ears and lay eggs in your canal..and to think all that time, the whole family was camping outside in the lounge because of the heatwave. What if one of those things crawled up our ears?? ARGHHHH!!! Anyways, i did a google search..(i still can't believe i did a search on this)but this whole crawling up the ears bit is a fallacy. Still I am freaked out about this and we have NO idea where it came from and we had not see this before in our whole entire LIFE!! These insects only came out during the warmer season like all other creepy insects!

SO conclusion is --- i am just so HAPPY Autumn is finally here!! BRING IT ON!!


  1. I get that in the old house but hasn't seen any in the new house. *fingers crossed* I know we'll get them eventually, already got lots of spiders around (HATE those bugs).

    Anyway, I checked out Wiki and here's what I got: The name comes from the old wives' tale that earwigs burrow into the brains of humans through the ear and therein lay their eggs.

    So don't worry too much! Not with earwigs anyway. If you haven't known, most poisonous animals of the world live in Australia.

  2. Thanks Lil devil. Why do i have this gut feel i am so going to hate every summer and the insects and reptiles that come along with it??