Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Obsession

I couldn't resist the temptation of not buying this book : -

For those who don't know her, She is Michelle Bridges and personal trainer for the Australian version of The Biggest Loser. Of late, Ironchef and I got hooked on watching The Biggest Loser and it is just amazing to see those contestants loose so much weight in a short time span. Of course with that there are alot of controversies surrounding this reality show.One such remark heard was that it is not healthy to loose so much weight in that short time. One contestant managed to loose 7 kg in one week!! How do you manage that?? Wow..that is just plain awesome but of course alot of sheer hard work and pain. For me to go to the gym three times a week is enough to kill me but these contestants sweat it out every single day for few hours.

Anyway, this book is great to read cause it has an action plan for 3 months including your diet and if you follow this book religiously, by right you are suppose to be able to loose weight! The only thing which i have yet to grasp is calorie counting. You see being here, you learn that everything you eat has calories. According to the book, for women, our daily calorie quota is only 1350 cals and for men, it is 1600 calorie. So, i should only eat 1350 calories a day..hmm..i seriously do NOT know how to do this..i will try..but is going to be SOO HARD!! I love my food! I guess in Asia, it is easier to loose weight cause we are constantly sweating all the time unlike over here. It is soo dry, you hardly sweat at all! What i like is the template in the book that makes you keep a food heard me right! A FOOD DIARY!! I am suppose to write down every single food i consume and the calories with it so at the end of each week, i do a breakdown of how much calories i have ate minus the calories i have burnt doing my exercise. Sounds easy? NOT! but i am determined to loose my post natal weight!! hahah.if you can call it that after 4 years!!

Wish me luck :P

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