Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The little jack in the box

The other day, I decided to buy a mini wheelie bin. Firstly I thought it was cute, secondly it was on specials..so whatever is on specials..will turn out to be on my shopping list! haha..I know..BAD!!! Anyway, I actually bought that to store water..it's a long story but it was meant for me to put my confinement herbal bath water in it and wheel it to the bathroom so I can use it to shower with..and YES, we could NOT find a single BIG Bucket/Pail to put the water in! Ok, enough explanation..well, after using it for my confinement, I thought it would come in handy for my kids to put all their stuff toys in it and store in their room..so ok, to kill 2 birds with one stone, I went ahead and bought it.

The minute we bought it and brought it back, we found a little Jack in the box! Check out the pictures..

Friday, October 22, 2010


When I was young, I guess it was pretty normal for everyone to dream on how their prince charming would be like and their fairy tale ending of happily ever after? I for one would wonder who my future prince would be. Looking back now, I can't help but to wonder, maybe everything is all fated. We were destined to be together after all and it was written in the stars..perhaps??
Why I am writing this is because in Melbourne, my family and I went walking in the famous Queen Vic Market and I stopped at a particular stall. This stall had our english names written in Kanji which means Japanese writing with its meaning onto it so me being the nosy me..decided to stop and look for my name and see what it means. So i finally found my name in the middle of a zillion names on the table and pointed it out to Ironchef. I was admiring the meaning of my name..ahha..when suddenly he paused and he looked shocked! Take a look at this:-

As you can see my name with the meaning below it and the japanese writing above it. The japanese character is very similar to Chinese so when Ironchef looked at it, he stopped and was shocked because in Chinese, his actual surname and last name is written above it. Now, I can't read a single chinese character but he pointed out to me his surname which is the third character on the right and the first character is his last name so we both then looked at each other in disbelief and I told him, I had to buy it because it was soo meaningful! I mean..how often do you see your name with your husband's name embedded in it?

The whole day..I was just smirking and thinking to myself then..perhaps it WAS written in the stars...perhaps we WERE fated to be together after all..perhaps..it WAS a twist of fate to how we met, fell in love and now having a family together. hmm...Perhaps..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sick and NOT loving it!!

I got the winter bug AGAIN!!! I thought I could have escaped it all but alas, i got it and this time it came full of vengeance!! Not only was my throat sore but I had this really bad congested nose which made me tempted to just rip them apart from my face AND my ASTHMA returned!! Oh, yes, did I mention that I am also 5 months pregnant?? ARGH!!!

Complete Nightmare!! I was practically bedridden for three whole days and I didn't even dare come out of my room for fear of spreading the disease to the kids! So, the kids just knew that mummy was sick and daddy had to take care of them and manage his work and household all by himself! He was really good, I must admit and I am really thankful for because I was able to rest peacefully. What made the whole situation hilarious was the fact that after hybernating in my room for 3 whole days, I finally came out of my room the morning to help the kids dress up for school and because they haven't seen me, my lil rascal came running to me and asked, "Is the baby out yet?"

Ironchef and I burst out laughing immediately cause we certainly didn't know where that came from!! Kids really do say the darnest things don't they?? haha..well, anyway I explained to him that the baby won't be out till xmas and he assumed that SAnta Claus was going to bring the baby out..so i just left it at there and let his imagination run wild! haha..

Kids..don't you just love them? I am feeling much better albeit the tickling throat which just makes me cough non stop..apart from that, I guess hopefully I will be back on track for a full recovery soon.

My Tinkerbell goes to school everyday and now this term, Lil Rascal also starts kindy and Montessori altogether so he attends them both everyday with the exception of one day a week where I still have him at home. I guess it is a good break for me as well to rest when he is not at home. My house turns topsy turvy after 3 pm though with both kids back and both fighting for attention telling me what they have been up to at school..haha..I guess that is all part and parcel of having kids..and imagine topping that with one more!! EEEEK!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A blast from the past...

well..I realised how long it has been since i logged into my blog and it is all my fault..haha..blame it on being lazy. Well, i just came back from a week holiday..which was meant to be THE holiday I was looking forward to..but alas..it was disastrous! WEll..not everything was bad apart from the entire family being grumpy and spoiling my entire mood!! I am NOT going to dwell on that..but it was a great blast from the past! I got to show my kids and family my University which i enjoyed so much being a carefree Uni Student. So where was I? I was in Melbourne!

We decided to drive there so from Adelaide to Melbourne, it took us 10 hours because of all the stops and breaks we had to take in between. (normally it would only take 7.5 hours) Anyways, we reached Melbourne on Sat evening and we met a good friend of mine who was became our chaperone -a good one at it too!! So we spent 5 days in Melbourne before driving off to Apollo Bay for a one night stay and did a bit of sightseeing there and from the time we left Melbourne, i actually THEN started to enjoy my holiday. We did an 1 hr hike with the kids which was awesome..uphill, downhill, up the suspension bridge and climbed up the lightstation too! I was tempted to get all of us to abseil down from the high suspension bridge too if i wasn't preggars :) It was good cause both kids walked without asking to be carried and no fuss..so i guess they take it after us, loving the nature and hiking trails.

From Apollo Bay, we drove into a small town called Nelson and it was hilarious! CAn you imagine a small (and i mean really small) town with only 3 inns out of which 2 of them were fully booked so we rented a cabin log for a one night and as we walked into a pub for our dinner..we were of course starving and tired from all the driving so the only place we could find food was in this small, small pub! So there we were as we opened the door, it was full of Australians..and i mean Australians from rural farms who literally all stared at us as we came to realise that we were the ONLY ASIANS!! They must be wondering what the heck are these 4 black haired people doing here in this part of town!! Damn funny...Ironchef and I tried to just blend in but it was kinda hard to do so with loudmouth kids like ours!! Then came the time to eat and order our drinks..now to order the drinks, we had to get it from the bar counter so i innocently thought it should be alright if i went and got drinks so i did!! OH MY GOSH!! All these big blokes with long hair..bikey look a likes then all turned and stared at me!! I then realised how small i was and just meekly ordered my drink from the bartender!! As i got my drinks and headed back to my table, i realised we needed more drinks so i told Ironchef, it was his turn to go get them!! hahaa..

Anyways, all in all..it was really great to experience it all..practically playing the 'Spot the Asian Game"!! haha..after a nights stay, we then headed back to Adelaide..because we took the coastal route, it will normally take 12 hours back so we took more stops on the way back and made it back safe and sound..and of course, nothing is sweeter and better than being back at home :)

Some pics to enjoy from the trip:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A new Life...

I can't believe how long it has been since I've logged on and it is not that i haven't been surfing the net, in fact I have but I just find using my iphone alot easier and simplier than switching on the modem and laptop and wait for connection..yadda yadda..you get the drift! so me being lazy me..I just tend to sit on my coach and just surf with a click on my iphone :)

So, updates..well the major news in my life is..I am expecting a new life in me!! Yes, I am pregnant with my third and hopefully last child. I was expecting to be pregnant at one stage in my life anyways and knowing how fertile I am ..well it didn't take me TOO LONG!! so yes, 11 weeks and just 1 week more to my stable second trimester.

This pregnancy hasn't been too bad as well and pretty much smooth for me like my previous two..so i can be considered lucky. The only thing is my urge to keep sour food! Granny smith apples..i have never touched in my life is now like the top must have in my pantry! Finding jeruk here is worse than looking for gold here. I mean you can your basic ones but the ones i love can't be found here at all!! so..boo hoo hoo me..

I have also stepped down from my volunteering work because I was getting too tired trying to manage the kids and household and now with the change in my body, it aint helping. I may have managed to skip all the morning sickness but I still had this big hormonal change going on therefore I was always sooo tired..constantly wanting to sleep so I have decided to just take a break and take things at a slower pace.

well, here's to a smooth sailing ahead :) and hopefully I am able to start blogging more

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My new volunteer work!

Ever since I decided to become a SAHM, my whole life revolved around my kids and well, i was getting abit bored! I actually feel embarassed writing this because it is meant to be the most respected thing to do but i really needed to find an avenue to do something else apart from just ferrying my kids from school to swimming lessons and piano lessons..etc!! There has to be more in life than just this!! I tried looking for some part time jobs around but alas the time just doesn't permit me to be as flexible as i'd like to be so i decided to take up a volunteer role in MENSA as their new Editor. I will be writing their monthly state newsletter which I thought would be ideal because I can actually divert my unused mental energy to good use :)

Although it is not a paid job but it will still look good in my resume so by the time I have both kids at school, I will then start looking around for a full time job again and hopefully by then gain some good referrals to enable me to open some doors.

For my first issue, I have decided to write about Lil Tinkerbell because she happens to be the youngest member in SA and I thought it would be good for her as well to have this newsletter as a keepsake for future. A momento perhaps as it is written about her and for her :) Although it is just a short write up but some exposure is better to none.
I have added a snapshot of the issue for all to see..enjoy :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The rejuvenating short break

As mentioned in my previous blog, my lil short holiday turned out to be absolutely FUN! Not only were the kids well behaved throughout the entire 6 hours drive but even as we were there, they didn't cause me any grief as I expected them to be! It was just perfect and fun!

We crossed over 3 borders from South Australia to Mildura and Mildura is situated in Victoria and the next day, we decided to take a lil tour at this place called the 'Orange World' where we were given a truck ride around the Orchard full of oranges and that place was situated in NSW so from Vic, we drove across the border to NSW so yes, it was just good.

One thing which Australia has and I love the most is the blue sky and white clouds, so I couldn't resist snapping away pictures of the beautiful blue sky.

Take a look at these..

The most important thing at the end of the day is that the family is together and we just spent that quality time together on the road and i guess it makes everything worthwhile! Don't you think?