Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My dad

Last week was kind of a reflective week for me because last week was supposed to be both my dad and brother's birthday. Why i say supposed to be is because both are no longer around which made me even sadder. I miss them both so much because at times, i reflect back and wonder how things would have been different if they were both here.

I remember dad being very jovial, laughing about everything and always having an advice about everything and anything. He would always joke about himself being a millionhaire and not a millionaire. He had his ways with people and always making friends with strangers. I used to be so shy cause even sitting in a taxi for 20 mins with him would end up with the taxi driver telling my dad about his life history..i mean..like..hello..i don't even know you?? but that is dad..he has this karma about him enabling people to be comfortable around him.

I remember going through a very bad break up with my ex and turned to him for advice. This is what he told me.."you know girl, having a new boyfriend is like having a new chewing gum..so you chew and chew and after time, it turns stale and you either spit it out or for some reason or another, it comes out of your mouth. Now, after the gum comes out and lands on the floor, don't tell me you still want to go down and pick it up and chew it back again??"

OK, so his advice wasn't the best advice you can get and it doesn't make sense too..haha..but it certainly put a smile on my face and i was laughing about he could use that as an advice for me..but it was his effort which touched me and i just hugged him.

Recently, I was going through my photo albums and just realised I never had a recent picture taken with him. All the photos i had was when i was young. I am sad and I wondered, did i take it for granted that he would always be around until i miss every opportunity to have my picture taken with him? I would do anything to have my picture taken with him now..just one last piece to show my kids who their grandfather was.

There is so much more I want to learn from him. About his past, about his childhood, things I have never asked because I was too selfish being bogged down by my own life, never asking what he went through in life. I only know bits and pieces and I regret not knowing now. I guess we go through life with regrets but this is one of my biggest regret in life. Not truly and fully understanding my dad on who he is, how he was raised, his values and life he had to go through but in my heart, he will always be remembered and loved as my dad, my rock and my role model in life.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Girls night with the kids..

Ironchef had to go on a country trip for work leaving me behind for 3 whole days and 2 nights..sniff sniff..I didn't really fancy the idea of staying home alone with 2 kids so i picked up the phone and rang Ms Chatterbox to see if she was free and come stay with me and she was and there began my first time having a girls night with the kids. I was beginning to get excited because Ms Chatterbox had all these baking ideas she wanted to do with my kids whom she calls her surrogate niece and nephews which i think is soo sweet. So, our first night started with chocolate brownies and there she was making baking look like a whizz with Lil Tinkerbell helping her stir the mixture and before you know it, the brownies were popped in the oven and ready to eat within an hour. Jo came around too and hung out with us for two nights.

Second night came so quickly as she baked chocolate square puff pastry with the kids help again and once again, i was in awe as to how easy baking can actually be with the kids! Each time I bake so far, it would be without the kids cause I dread to think of the mess they will leave behind but seeing Ms Chatterbox and the kids do it has open a new perspective and maybe it really is not that bad afterall. The second night came and gone as quickly as the first night and I really did enjoy the company of the girls with the kids around. We were sharing, laughing and most of all eating..but it was fun cause for the first time in five years, i got to hang out and have a girly night again. I broke all my diet rules too that day..but heck..good food and company doesn't come too often :)

Ms Chatterbox and Lil Tinkerbell stirring the mixture

End Result :- Yummy chocolate brownie!

Thanks girls...I wouldn't have survive the two nights without your company, XOXOXO

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lil Tinkerbell turns 4!

Lil Tinkerbell aged 1.

Lil Tinkerbell aged 2.

Lil Tinkerbell aged 3.


Lil Tinkerbell aged 4 and her new doll. She named her "Rosie".

My lil tinkerbell turned 4 years old last week on the 15th and I can't believe how much has happened in that 4 years. She has from a baby changed and transformed into a girl..my baby..a girl now..and she is such a big girl now! She is so independent now, talks for herself and is even going to kindy!! Gone were the days when she was just a baby, gone were the days i used to carry her everywhere..i still can carry her now but at 20kg..i don't think so..hehe..but sigh..Ironchef and I were just looking at her amazed at how fast she has grown up and missing the times when she just a lil bub..

Happy Birthday my darling princess and for more birthdays to come..

we love you sweety..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Pressies from Aunty Rita for Easter! Boy, they were one bunch of happy kids this morning and yesterday morning they went on an easter egg hunt in the backyard of our garden. I hid the eggs and got them to hunt for them.
Eggs :- $5.00 a pack
End Result :- Priceless..kids were gobsmacked happy and contented with their finds.
Holy week proved to be a challenge for my kids after attending mass in church 3 times a week, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil mass. Here is a snippet of an actual conversation i had with Lil Tinkerbell.

Holy Thursday
Lil Tinkerbell : Mummy, where are we going?
Mum : We are going to the church
Lil Tinkerbell : OK

Good Friday
Lil Tinkerbell : Mummy, where are we going?
Mum : We are going to church
Lil Tinkerbell: AGAIN?? WHY?
Mum: Because it is Good Friday, we have to go to church again so be quiet.

Easter Vigil
Lil Tinkerbell: Mummy, where are we going?
Mum : We are going to church again (smirks at her this time)
Lil Tinkerbell: AWWW..AGAIN?? But we went yesterday..
Mum: Yes, and we are going again tonight
Lil Tinkerbell: Why are we always going to church?
Mum: Because it is good to go and pray
Lil Tinkerbell: Why do we have to pray so many times??
Mum: Mummy needs help (says jokingly)
Lil Tinkerbell: AWW...OK but why are are going at night? We never go at night before..
Mum: This is a special service so be quiet and behave
Lil Tinkerbell : OK
The End.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Autumn Cleaning

Tis the time of the year where I will have to sit down and sort out our wardrobes from the adults to the children and start packing away summer clothes and start bringing out the winter jackets and sweaters. Even the bedsheets have to be changed from cotton to fleece and I have to start taking down the doona and packing away our summer blanket. Weather is getting cooler now which i look forward too..I am so NOT a summer person..i think I had enough of the HOT weather and I am now ready to embrace the cold..haha..

It doesn't help when i have both kids down with a cold but i have discovered Brauer and it is really good! Instead of giving them medication, Brauer is actually a homeopathic product which helps stimulates recovery and the good thing about it is that it does not contain as much chemical ingredients as normal medication does. This reminds me that it is time for my kids to have their flu vaccination in time for winter.

On another note, we have finally decided to go back to Malaysia for the holidays. MAS and SIA were both having cheap flights back but it came down to choosing MAS as our first preference because I want the convenience of a direct flight considering the fact that I am going to be stuck in an airplane for 8 hours with two kids alone when I head back to Adelaide. Ironchef can only take 2.5 weeks max for this trip so we will fly back to Msia together but he is going to be back earlier and spending Xmas alone and maybe NYE..(that i am not too sure yet) Am still deciding whether to stay till Jan or not..my mum wants me too but hmm..we shall see about that later in the year but for now, it is time for me to start cleaning away...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Waiting for the Arrival

Thank to Lil Miss Chatterbox. She bought this DINOSAUR EGG for my kids for Easter and now my kids are just anxiously waiting for the egg to hatch. We had to keep it inside the kitchen behind the children's gate to avoid them touching the egg. I am also teasing them that whoeever is a naughty boy or girl, the dinosaur will come out and eat them!! hahah..so far that worked! I must say this egg thingy is a very interesting concept. Anyways, Happy Easter everyone!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tiring Week

It has been such a tiring week. We went to Canberra for our holiday and it turned out to be more stressful for me than staying home. Next time, i am so going to take a babysitter along!! The whole entire trip was good but entertaining the kids were the real challenging bit. Imagine the kids not having their favourite movies, not having their favourite toys and not having their favourite books with them = DISASTER!! I was so happy and relieved to be back..haha..imagine that??

Apart from the kids, it was not too bad. WE managed to squeeze in abit of shopping and some sightseeing but i MUST add that the service in the Malaysian High Commission in Canberra was APPALLING! The people behind the counter were so shockingly RUDE and anyone who has been there will definately agree with me! I don't understand how these people who are supposed to be representing the embassy have such a terrible attitude. I am going to write in an official complaint about this because I find it so embarassing being a Malaysian and walking into my own embassy and having to put up with this. If we find it terrible, can you imagine how foreigners will think about us when they step into the embassy??

Coming back, i was so bogged down with household chores, it is no joke..i had to clean the house, wash the clothes, bla bla...and the list goes on..i hope with the easter break coming along, i can have some peace and rest.