Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Impatient brat!

I am impatient so let me be...yes, playing the waiting game is driving me up the wall!
I am tired of waiting to loose weight..am tired of waiting to get my full PR benefits..am tired of waiting to get a job..am tired of waiting for my son to wee wee by himself..am tired of waiting for everything to happen.

I just want things to come NOW! NOW! NOW!

sigh..suddenly i feel like my life is static! Nothing is happening. I know I am supposed to be appreciating whatever i have now or else once i start work, i won't be able to spend time with my kids as much as i am now. I know it takes time to loose weight because it took me years to build up fat in my body so i ain't gonna loose them all in one day! I know..i know..but i am an impatient brat!

Maybe i should learn how to play jigsaw puzzles or something..is there like a game that trains patience?? I feel like going on top of a mountain and shout from above..but hang on..there aren't any mountains here in Adelaide..hmm..maybe i should climb on top of my bathtub and do it from there instead without loosing my balance..*ponders*

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