Friday, July 24, 2009

We finally did it!

After all the stress of waiting and anguish, the day came for us to take our kids to do their med check and i was so paranoid that i didn't even let Lil Tinkerbell attend kindy for three days until their med check was completed! She has this tendency of picking up strange bugs from kindy, the last time it happened was just before the school holidays, she had the slap face rash!

So, about the med was poor pathetic! A sure waste of time and money. The kids had to see both the nurse and doctor. When they were first called in by the nurse, all she took was their measurement of height and weight. And that was it, because they were under 5! Then came the doctor's turn. We thought it would be something more than that but to our shock, all she did was to check their heartbeat, ears and throat! That was it..the medical check was done and the bill of AU$360 came after!!

It was really sheer relief after everything was cleared. I immediately sent their reports to the immigration office by registered and express post. To our delight, our PR was granted just the day after --Yesterday evening! This morning, we were sent emails confirming our PR!!

YOO HOO..WE DID IT!! After two whole freaking years!!! We finally endured it all and managed to get our PR! We are just going to celebrate tonight and tomorrow as well with friends!!

On another night, last week i was really busy as well, my lil rascal turned 3 years old and we threw a birthday bash for him attended by close friends AND I finally renewed my phone contract with Three and got myself the new 16g Iphone 3GS which comes with video camera, better camera resolution etc! I must say..i am falling in lovee....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Playing the waiting game and playing it with patience!

There is one thing which I have learnt about myself over the years and that is I do not have any Patience whatsoever!! I am so impatient that I want things NOW!! So, imagine my despair knowing that after submitting my PR application 2 months ago and not hearing anything from them until yesterday to find out that I am near yet so FAR!! The anxiety, frustration, anger and impatient side of me started kicking in!!

You see, because i have to leave my kids behind during our first year here (not by choice), they came only last year, the department has written to me and i have to take my children for another medical check here. The problem is that it is going to cost me another FREAKING AU$182 per child and not only that, i rang them early this morning to make an appointment and the next first available appointment WEDNESDAY!!!

What am i going to do till then? Sit around and wait!! I HATE to wait! Kids are so fragile these days and it doesn't help when it is winter so it is cold and not knowing when some scheming bug or virus decides to inhabit one of my kids or even worse both..then what am i going to do next?? wait again?? ARGH...

Not fair...i am like thisssss close to getting my PR approved..yet it feels like eternity! Furthermore, i have to plan lil rascal's party which is this Sat as he turns 3 now! So, double whammy..not feeling the best at all in organizing things for his party but i have to do what i have to do..hehe

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The SUPER Toys Sale!

It is the time of the year when there are SALES everywhere!! Known mainly as the End of Financial Year Sale and starts in June onwards. After June, the Toys Sale will start in July. Both Kmart and Big W will normally have their toys sale first which willnlast for 2 weeks. Once it ends, Target will then start their toys sale making buying an endless sight. Anyways, i managed to pick up a few bargains here and there..mainly because it is my lil rascal's birthday next week so the sale came in a perfect time.

An overview of the things i bought from the toys sale

Oooh..this is my personal favourite..and guess who this is for? No..not my kids..but Ironchef!! Yes, he is the one who chose this and calls this robot now his third child!! Can you believe it?? but he is soo cool! He can guard your house and play games..etc..
Price:- was $140 now $68

We decided to choose this remote control fire engine for lil rascal to play with as his present.
Price :- $48

Saw this pack and the kids were just playing with the toy gun. So, decided to get it for them..
Price :- $12
Lil Rascal loves thought..hmm.why not?
Price- $5

Granny asked to buy this for Lil rascal for his present. Not too bad, as it comes with the tools as well.
Price:- $20
No prizes for guessing who this is for again?? hahah..yes, the big kid in the house.

Every girl needs to have her own make believe kitchen! This was meant to be for Lil Tinkerbell but I must say, i feel ripped off because it is expensive and small!! sigh..
Price:- $48

All these toys caused a major hole in my pocket!! Alas, the damage has been done so don't look back in anger..hehe