Monday, March 23, 2009

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Two breaking news within a week! At least for me it is...two of my friends here will be leaving. Jo who was supposed to be my gym partner was the first to break the news to me that her company has decided to relocate her to Sydney and she was ecstatic cause she needed the change afterall she has been here for 5 years. I still remember how we met here through another mutual friend and there was no turning back ever since. We hang out so often that even my son, lil rascal has a crush on her!! seriously..he would hold a book and cover his whole face when Jo comes and at the corner of his eye try to steal some glances of her..little did he know we were all staring at him so he was caught hands down and then his face turned red. And there are other occasions when he would throw his tantrum refusing to sit in our car but wanting to sit in Jo jie jie's car!! And another time, i was trying to wake him up in the morning to follow me to the gym but he refused to budge and just the mere mention that Jo jie jie is going to meet us in the gym..he immediately woke up as if he saw a huge stack of $100 bill in front of him!! No joking..(Jo, you better not be a cradle snatcher!!) I can't believe how a small kid below 3 years old can develop a crush on a woman ten times his age!!!

Jo..what is my son going to do without you???haha
The second breaking news came just days after Jo told us about her leaving...another friend of ours..Miss Chatterbox is leaving too!! Lil Miss Chatterbox is a final year uni student studying speech pathology and boy can she talk..and i mean seriously if there was ever a competition on who would talk the fastest and longest, she would beat any contestants from any country! I can vouch for that! Just citing an example..we all had dinner with our parish priest, Fr John and he was just asking Ms Chatterbox about her middle name..and to answer that question..she gave quite a lengthy explanation that took...i think 15 mins!! if not longer..i was sitting there looking at my watch and timing her and just seeing her go on and on and on..she obviously stop talking once she saw me looking at my watch! hahah..but that didn't stop her from talking again later throughout the night! was just hilarious! but she knows we LOVE her! and my kids too..
Going to miss you both alot and my home is going to be ever soo quiet now!
On another note, during our Body Attack workout, there was this song being played and it is such a beautiful song. I am attaching this link to it and I encourage everyone to hear it and pay attention to the lyrics as it is a very motivating and inspiring song. If you ever need to motivate someone or if you know anyone who is feeling down, let them listen to this song. It is called," Just Stand Up" by Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Mary J Blinge, Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow and a few more other female singers who came together to sing this song.

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