Wednesday, March 4, 2009

All set to go away!!

Yes! I almost completed making all the necessary reservations for our accommodation and we decided to rent a car while we are there as well. Works out to be cheaper in the long run AND we get to go to more places by driving than relying on public transport. Ironchef has a GPS Navman (it was his bday present from me) so that should come in handy now!

So we will be staying at the Capital Executive Apartment Hotel and we have booked in a Family Room Spa Suite for 3 nights. OK, i couldn't help booking ourselves at the Spa Suite instead of the normal standard room but hear me out, they were having this promotion going on and for a limited time only, rooms are now $145. Standard rooms are already $125 so hello?? $20 extra only...(ok, you can hit me now..i know i know..i am suppose to be saving money instead of splurging..but but...i can' help it!!) Told you in the beginning I am not your typical housewife!
Anyways, back to the room..the spa suite has a spa bath/jacuzzi..see below!!

and the rooms look like this :-

Pictures look decent enough so i hope it really is as nice as the pictures shown. Only time will tell..There is a Queen bed in the bedroom & king single bed & bunk bed in the lounge room so this room can actually sleep 5 people!! Don't ask me why i need such a big room..cause i haven't quite figured it out yet..

And the car we will be renting is :-

Maybe not such a new model as this shown but it will be definately be a Hyundai Elantra, auto, sedan for the 4 days we are there from Budget Rent a Car.
So, everything looks all ready. Now, i need to do a search on what we can do while we are there. We don't have much days cause our main aim to renew Ironchef's passport and for us to get our Msian Police Clearance done up as well so we are trying to fit in whatever we can in between. So far, we have decided to at least spend one day at the National Zoo and Aquarium just for the kids. The rest we will try and figure out as we go along..hehe..omigosh..i am SOO excited!

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