Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Heatwave!

Just writing about the heatwave is enough to make me shrug! It was the worst heatwave I have ever experienced and to think that coming to OZ i won't have to ever endure the heat again..well..think again! It was even worse than Msia.
We had two weeks of 40 degrees and above and on the hottest day we had 45.7 degrees and that temperature was taken under the shade. When the newscaster took the temp under the sun, it came to 50 degrees celcius!! Seriously, they did an experiment by trying to cook an egg and that really happened on the train and tram tracks and that was why our tracks "buckled" causing massive chaos in our public transport for days.

As for me, the whole time i had my air conditioning on day and night because of my two kids as well but when I went outside to throw the rubbish .....OH MY GOSH!
It felt like i was in front of an oven and i couldn't breathe from my nose! I had to use my mouth!! It was REALLY BAD!!

Anyways, i took some pictures of my plants which sadly did NOT survive the deadly heatwave!

My plant which as you can see is burnt. The leaves are all brown and mind you, this is not their original colour.

This is supposedly my fern tree which was given to me as a present by my church. least i have one green leaf still sticking out for me..

Today is suppose to be forecasted at 39 degrees! I am hoping and praying it doesn't reach that high today..geez..i can't wait for autumn now!!

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