Thursday, March 12, 2009

Potty Training

Sigh..This whole potty training thing is NOT for the faint hearted!! I am in the midst of trying to train lil rascal to wee wee on his potty and it is NOT working! I tried to teach him earlier this year but that attempt failed miserably and so i thought i would wait longer until he is more ready to use his potty.

Well, here i am four months down the line and still not getting anywhere with him! We tried everything..even ironchef had to pull him to the toilet and show him how to wee wee on this little weeman.

This weeman is pretty cool for little boys. So i bought it for him to use when he is ready to go to the toilet. Of course, looking at the situation now, if he is still not ready to use the potty then what are the chances he will be ready to use the weeman?

First attempt was yesterday, I put him on his training pants and put out the potty in the living room. Fifteen minutes later, i turned around and i see my lil racsal taking his potty back to the bathroom, takes out his pants and puts it back in the cupboard and takes out his pampers for me to let him wear. When i refused, he kicked up a STORM!! End of First Attempt!

Second attempt..actually i am in the midst of my second attempt even as i am typing this. He is now walking around the room half naked with his willie sticking out but that is because he refuses to wear his training pants and i have hidden his pampers so he can't find it and is searching the whole house for it! So help me GOD...

Gosh it wasn't that hard training lil tinkerbell but then again i didn't have too..cause my mum did it..oh this RETRIBUTION?? sigh...i can only hope and pray he gets the message by eventually sitting on his potty and not everywhere on the carperts..Oh Nooo..i can't bear to think of the consequences if he does it everywhere!!

Sigh..the ups and downs of being a MUM! Need i say more???

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