Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A day full of Events!

So much has happened yesterday! I don't know where to even begin...ok...I shall start with what happened to my lil rascal. My poor boy is 2.5 years old and yesterday early morning, he woke up and vomitted his dinner from the other day which was really strange cause normally the food he eats would have been digested already by then so anyways, Ironchef and i had to clean him and change the bed sheets. Come breakfast, he wouldn't touch his bread which was strange and 20 mins later, he vomitted again! This time, i panicked abit cause he is not the type who vomits twice in a row and not touch food! We decided to monitor him further and come lunch, he still wouldn't touch his food and he was just so restless! Ironchef suggested we take him to the doctor's if his condition worsens. And then i remembered...i had a 1800 number fridge magnet. This 1800 number is a 24 hours health direct number where you can ring up and you are connected to a registered nurse on the other line who will advice you in the event of uncertainty in a medical condition so i decided to give it a try and i was so glad i did! The nurse picked up and asked a few questions about my boy's condition and gave the diagnosis. It was a stomach bug but reassured me that normally bugs like this will go away after 24 hours which means he should be feeling better today. I was not only taught what to look out for but also on what i should give my boy and advice on how to care for him. Now, if i brought lil rascal to the doctors, i would have gotten the same piece of advice and PAY (not that i mind paying for it)for it but by ringing the 1800 number, i got the advice FOC and they were very professional about it too. Teaching me what signs to look out for and reassuring this panicking mother not to be alarmed as well!

1800 Health Direct..you are a LIFE SAVER!!
You are SOOOO stuck on my fridge now!


Next event of the day was:- WE are going to CANBERRA!!! WOOHOO!!!! Ironchef has to renew his passport because it expires in June this year and we were informed that we are not allowed to post our passports there for renewal but we have to be there in person. I was upset with Ironchef initially because Tiger Airways was having this promotion earlier and airfares to Canberra was so much cheaper. It would have only cost us $122 for all 4 of us but NO!! He had to dilly dally and only decided to book the tickets now and we had to pay $504!!!! NOT HAPPY!!
I am still in the midst of finding accomodation cause i want somewhere convenient where i can take the kids too while he goes to the Msian High Commission so hmmm...It is going to be a 4 days/3 nights trip which should be good, i hope. Besides, i have to go too cause Ironchef and I both need to apply for our Msian Police Check from the High Commission for our PR submission in two months time so yes..no time to waste..I haven't been to Canberra before so i hope this would be an eye opener for us afterall it is the CAPITAL CITY of Australia!


My third and last event is about my lil tinkerbell. I am soo proud of her because yesterday night was the first time she didn't wear her pampers to bed at night and she slept through and woke up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night all by herself. She is not only sleeping by herself in her room now but also independent enough to go to the toilet by herself now! She told me she has been going to the toilet at night before this but i still had her wear her pampers in case of an emergency and i wouldn't like the idea of waking up in the middle of the night to change her bed sheets but she was determined to wear her undies instead of her pampers so we decided to give it a try and it worked! I know there might be accidents here and there in the future but hey, i trust her and I am indeed one proud parent now..as this is a milestone for us all.

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