Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My new volunteer work!

Ever since I decided to become a SAHM, my whole life revolved around my kids and well, i was getting abit bored! I actually feel embarassed writing this because it is meant to be the most respected thing to do but i really needed to find an avenue to do something else apart from just ferrying my kids from school to swimming lessons and piano lessons..etc!! There has to be more in life than just this!! I tried looking for some part time jobs around but alas the time just doesn't permit me to be as flexible as i'd like to be so i decided to take up a volunteer role in MENSA as their new Editor. I will be writing their monthly state newsletter which I thought would be ideal because I can actually divert my unused mental energy to good use :)

Although it is not a paid job but it will still look good in my resume so by the time I have both kids at school, I will then start looking around for a full time job again and hopefully by then gain some good referrals to enable me to open some doors.

For my first issue, I have decided to write about Lil Tinkerbell because she happens to be the youngest member in SA and I thought it would be good for her as well to have this newsletter as a keepsake for future. A momento perhaps as it is written about her and for her :) Although it is just a short write up but some exposure is better to none.
I have added a snapshot of the issue for all to see..enjoy :)

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