Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A new Life...

I can't believe how long it has been since I've logged on and it is not that i haven't been surfing the net, in fact I have but I just find using my iphone alot easier and simplier than switching on the modem and laptop and wait for connection..yadda get the drift! so me being lazy me..I just tend to sit on my coach and just surf with a click on my iphone :)

So, updates..well the major news in my life is..I am expecting a new life in me!! Yes, I am pregnant with my third and hopefully last child. I was expecting to be pregnant at one stage in my life anyways and knowing how fertile I am ..well it didn't take me TOO LONG!! so yes, 11 weeks and just 1 week more to my stable second trimester.

This pregnancy hasn't been too bad as well and pretty much smooth for me like my previous i can be considered lucky. The only thing is my urge to keep sour food! Granny smith apples..i have never touched in my life is now like the top must have in my pantry! Finding jeruk here is worse than looking for gold here. I mean you can your basic ones but the ones i love can't be found here at all!! hoo hoo me..

I have also stepped down from my volunteering work because I was getting too tired trying to manage the kids and household and now with the change in my body, it aint helping. I may have managed to skip all the morning sickness but I still had this big hormonal change going on therefore I was always sooo tired..constantly wanting to sleep so I have decided to just take a break and take things at a slower pace.

well, here's to a smooth sailing ahead :) and hopefully I am able to start blogging more

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  1. hi sweetie, how's the pregnancy coming along? great to hear no morning sickness and stuff. keep me updated alright...hve you decided on any names yet?