Friday, October 22, 2010


When I was young, I guess it was pretty normal for everyone to dream on how their prince charming would be like and their fairy tale ending of happily ever after? I for one would wonder who my future prince would be. Looking back now, I can't help but to wonder, maybe everything is all fated. We were destined to be together after all and it was written in the stars..perhaps??
Why I am writing this is because in Melbourne, my family and I went walking in the famous Queen Vic Market and I stopped at a particular stall. This stall had our english names written in Kanji which means Japanese writing with its meaning onto it so me being the nosy me..decided to stop and look for my name and see what it means. So i finally found my name in the middle of a zillion names on the table and pointed it out to Ironchef. I was admiring the meaning of my name..ahha..when suddenly he paused and he looked shocked! Take a look at this:-

As you can see my name with the meaning below it and the japanese writing above it. The japanese character is very similar to Chinese so when Ironchef looked at it, he stopped and was shocked because in Chinese, his actual surname and last name is written above it. Now, I can't read a single chinese character but he pointed out to me his surname which is the third character on the right and the first character is his last name so we both then looked at each other in disbelief and I told him, I had to buy it because it was soo meaningful! I often do you see your name with your husband's name embedded in it?

The whole day..I was just smirking and thinking to myself then..perhaps it WAS written in the stars...perhaps we WERE fated to be together after WAS a twist of fate to how we met, fell in love and now having a family together. hmm...Perhaps..

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