Monday, July 12, 2010

A blast from the past...

well..I realised how long it has been since i logged into my blog and it is all my fault..haha..blame it on being lazy. Well, i just came back from a week holiday..which was meant to be THE holiday I was looking forward to..but was disastrous! WEll..not everything was bad apart from the entire family being grumpy and spoiling my entire mood!! I am NOT going to dwell on that..but it was a great blast from the past! I got to show my kids and family my University which i enjoyed so much being a carefree Uni Student. So where was I? I was in Melbourne!

We decided to drive there so from Adelaide to Melbourne, it took us 10 hours because of all the stops and breaks we had to take in between. (normally it would only take 7.5 hours) Anyways, we reached Melbourne on Sat evening and we met a good friend of mine who was became our chaperone -a good one at it too!! So we spent 5 days in Melbourne before driving off to Apollo Bay for a one night stay and did a bit of sightseeing there and from the time we left Melbourne, i actually THEN started to enjoy my holiday. We did an 1 hr hike with the kids which was awesome..uphill, downhill, up the suspension bridge and climbed up the lightstation too! I was tempted to get all of us to abseil down from the high suspension bridge too if i wasn't preggars :) It was good cause both kids walked without asking to be carried and no i guess they take it after us, loving the nature and hiking trails.

From Apollo Bay, we drove into a small town called Nelson and it was hilarious! CAn you imagine a small (and i mean really small) town with only 3 inns out of which 2 of them were fully booked so we rented a cabin log for a one night and as we walked into a pub for our dinner..we were of course starving and tired from all the driving so the only place we could find food was in this small, small pub! So there we were as we opened the door, it was full of Australians..and i mean Australians from rural farms who literally all stared at us as we came to realise that we were the ONLY ASIANS!! They must be wondering what the heck are these 4 black haired people doing here in this part of town!! Damn funny...Ironchef and I tried to just blend in but it was kinda hard to do so with loudmouth kids like ours!! Then came the time to eat and order our to order the drinks, we had to get it from the bar counter so i innocently thought it should be alright if i went and got drinks so i did!! OH MY GOSH!! All these big blokes with long hair..bikey look a likes then all turned and stared at me!! I then realised how small i was and just meekly ordered my drink from the bartender!! As i got my drinks and headed back to my table, i realised we needed more drinks so i told Ironchef, it was his turn to go get them!! hahaa..

Anyways, all in was really great to experience it all..practically playing the 'Spot the Asian Game"!! haha..after a nights stay, we then headed back to Adelaide..because we took the coastal route, it will normally take 12 hours back so we took more stops on the way back and made it back safe and sound..and of course, nothing is sweeter and better than being back at home :)

Some pics to enjoy from the trip:


  1. Wah izzie so leng lui. I wanna c more preggers pic of u!!! Btw u knw the gender yet?

  2. Hey you hot preggy mama.. :P The kids are so grown up!!!! OMG!! How is the pregnancy going?? :)

  3. Femme: haha..tough luck about seeing more preggars pics of me cause my tummy still ain't showing as much :) This time my tummy quite small compared to when i had Izzy & Gab but i will find out the gender soon..keep posted on my blog..hehe

    Ada: I am doing fine. Still not having to wear my maternity clothes cause I can still fit in my casual clothes which is good :)