Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sick and NOT loving it!!

I got the winter bug AGAIN!!! I thought I could have escaped it all but alas, i got it and this time it came full of vengeance!! Not only was my throat sore but I had this really bad congested nose which made me tempted to just rip them apart from my face AND my ASTHMA returned!! Oh, yes, did I mention that I am also 5 months pregnant?? ARGH!!!

Complete Nightmare!! I was practically bedridden for three whole days and I didn't even dare come out of my room for fear of spreading the disease to the kids! So, the kids just knew that mummy was sick and daddy had to take care of them and manage his work and household all by himself! He was really good, I must admit and I am really thankful for because I was able to rest peacefully. What made the whole situation hilarious was the fact that after hybernating in my room for 3 whole days, I finally came out of my room the morning to help the kids dress up for school and because they haven't seen me, my lil rascal came running to me and asked, "Is the baby out yet?"

Ironchef and I burst out laughing immediately cause we certainly didn't know where that came from!! Kids really do say the darnest things don't they?? haha..well, anyway I explained to him that the baby won't be out till xmas and he assumed that SAnta Claus was going to bring the baby i just left it at there and let his imagination run wild! haha..

Kids..don't you just love them? I am feeling much better albeit the tickling throat which just makes me cough non stop..apart from that, I guess hopefully I will be back on track for a full recovery soon.

My Tinkerbell goes to school everyday and now this term, Lil Rascal also starts kindy and Montessori altogether so he attends them both everyday with the exception of one day a week where I still have him at home. I guess it is a good break for me as well to rest when he is not at home. My house turns topsy turvy after 3 pm though with both kids back and both fighting for attention telling me what they have been up to at school..haha..I guess that is all part and parcel of having kids..and imagine topping that with one more!! EEEEK!

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