Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sick as a DOG!

It has got to be my worst week last week. I was sick as a dog with flu, fever, sore throat and cough. It sounds like symptoms of SWINE FLU but thank god, it is NOT. Not only am i sick but so was Ironchef and we got it from our kids so while they have all recovered, it has now passed on to us poor unfortunate parents who have to endure it all.

I am still coughing my guts out but definately feeling sooo much better and today, the kids amused me again! and I had to take a picture of them..

Tinkerbell says she is mummy and lil rascal who is obviously daddy driving them to the doctor because her baby, Rosie is coughing so needs to see the doctor. Before this, she was frantically looking for her lil pink handbag and then off they all sat on the couch and you can hear Lil rascal honking away in his make believe steering wheel and turning right and left with this signal lights! It was really an amusing learn so fast nowadays.

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