Friday, May 29, 2009

Off to the dentist..

I have been always proud of my teeth because I haven't had much problems with it. Never had a tooth extraction, prob only had 1 or 2 fillings done in my entire life and that was only because of a small tiny hole and even the dentist would praise me for keeping my teeth healthy and clean until now.

An oversight of mine to take it for granted that my teeth will always be in good condition so i have not gone to see my dentist in years and never had it scaled and cleaned for more than 2 years now which is a big NO NO!!

Yesterday, i decided to make full use of my private health care cover because they offer twice a year free scale,clean and flouride on your teeth! There I was thinking out loud that i should be going since i haven't been been for so long and probably won't take long but at the back of my mind, i was abit worried..worried because two days ago, i had this really nagging toothache and i kinda had this really bad feeling about this. So, i made an appointment and was on the dental chair having my teeth checked out by the dentist who comfirmed my dreaded fear - A Tooth Decay which needs to be extracted!!

I was crying out silently to myself when suddenly i couldn't hear what the dentist was telling me. I could only hear the words..decay...extraction...not good...PAIN....sigh..this is what you get for neglecting your health and it gets worse! Apparently, my wisdom teeth on the bottom left corner is not growing the way it should so it is impacting my teeth and my dentist has suggested that I go for a dental surgery to have that tooth extracted out as well. Once again, i felt that pain would inhibit my life..pain in my mouth..i could imagine Ironchef in my mind hiding his smile because he wouldn't have to hear me nag for the next few days after my extraction..his way of getting back at me!! Oooh..sweet revenge..hmph!!

So, next week Thursday, i am booked in to have my tooth extracted but i have already probably winged about it to one million people i know about having my tooth extracted and it is actually a very small minor thing but to me...because i havent' had one before..this is serious business!!!

Well, wish me luck and hope to hear from me..or from me soon...

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