Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting back into the routine

It has been a week full of adjustments. My Lil Tinkerbell officially started going to kindy last week and she now attends kindy four days a week from Mondays to Thursdays last week.

Monday & Tuesday - 12.15 - 3.00pm
Wednesday & Thursday - 8.45 - 11.30am

Having to adjust to those weird times of the day proved to be successful so far and I managed to also fit in my workout schedule to coincide with her timing.

The only challenging bit is The getting up from bed early in the morning because my kids like me are nocturnal kids. They are very quiet and relaxed doing their own thing during the day but once the sun sets, once the moon is up.. that is when they start screaming and jumping and gosh..my whole house is awake at night and only at night!! Come visit my house during the day is like visiting a museum but come at night..it is a different scenario altogether!

But i miss having my girl at home though, watching her say goodbye to me at kindy while she walks to her classroom alone, I am waiting for the hour to pass so i can pick her up and hug her again while she chatters away about her day makes me realise how big she is already and next year when she finally steps into the real world going to school..omigosh..the thought of seeing her in her school uniform..i don't know..my heart wants everything to stop right now. I don't want things to go so fast.

Even lil rascal is going to start kindy next year. My lil rascal, the boy who only knows how to say "NO" to things..the boy who refuses to sit in the potty, the boy who is soo loud but loves to sing and his favourite songs are "Papa, don't go home" and "Papa, don't kill spider!" is finally going to be a big boy himself!

Sigh..how time flies..

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