Friday, May 8, 2009

After 2 years..and still waiting

2 years ago, I decided to take the biggest step in my life and that was to migrate to Australia.

With my husband's blessing, I went alone initially to a state called Adelaide and decided to make it home. I left behind my hubby and two growing babies back in Malaysia.

Initially, coming here wasn't exactly my ideal situation because I wasn't prepared financially and emotionally. Thankfully with God's blessing, I managed to stick around and complied with my 2 years condition stay here. It was a struggle because we couldn't afford to have our kids with us in the first year itself so they had to stay back with their grandparents but we pulled through and finally during our second year, Ironchef managed to get a job and everything fell into place including our kids.

On the 5.5.09, we finally submitted in our application for a full conversion of our PR and although there is another 3-6 months wait before we are able to get it approved, at least we are able to now get a Medicare card each. All Australians have a medicare card which allows them to see a doctor for free or admit into a public hospital for free.

We on the other hand were only able to get our hands on them recently. Well, it was worth the wait and i hope we get news of our PR soon..

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