Sunday, May 17, 2009

Being locked out..

A classic hilarious case of the parents being locked out of the house while both kids are inside and the challenges of getting them to open the door for you!

This happened two weeks ago when both Ironchef and I went out to help Rita move her column heater to her car. Lil Tinkerbell then closed the door and locked it from inside and both Ironchef and I were in our shorts and T-shirt. Mind you, this was in the evening and temperatures were about 15 degrees! So there we were, both of us outside the house with both kids inside!

Ironchef had to first try and locate Lil Tinkerbell to see where she was because Lil rascal was not tall enough to open the door so our only hope was to get Tinkerbell to open the door. So, we finally managed to locate her and she was in her room, so Ironchef yelled from outside through her window to get her to go outside and open the doors for us while i tried my luck with Lil rascal. I told Lil rascal through the window to call for Jie jie and ask her to come out. So, both of us were screaming to our kids through the window to get someone to open the door for us but noone budged!

I could hear Lil Rascal calling out for Jie jie but each time he came back to the window telling me," Mama..Jie jie not coming out.."

Ironchef obviously had no luck in getting Tinkerbell out as well so we were both locked out from our own home for 15 mins or so and there was no other possible entry points to the house as well! So this called for some serious thinking!

I then went over to Tinkerbell's window and yelled out to her," Oh look, Aunty Rita has brought lots of chocolates for you and didi..come quick and open the door!!" 10 seconds later, the door was open and WHACK..that was the sound of Ironchef hitting Tinkerbell's butt!

After that, came alot of scolding followed by pep talk! Trust me, it was not a pleasant incident but now i can't help but to laugh about it recalling the incident!

The day the parents got locked out of the house!!

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