Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Little Nyonya

Omigosh..I am sooo suffering from post withdrawal symptoms now! This show is one of my favourite shows to date. I not only watched it once but TWICE now. The first time was via the internet and the second time is thanks to a friend of my mine who bought it back from Singapore for me to watch properly without the effects of slow internet streaming and delays. Jo and I were watching this show and she was just commenting on how depressing this show was but the storyline and the actors and actresses in this show are absolutely amazing..they were soo good, so much so that on many occasions, i just felt my blood boil and really wanted to slap them on their faces lor..Jo had to keep reminding is only a show...sigh..

"The Little Nyonya" is a Mediacorp production and has achieved extremely high ratings, with an average of 934,000 viewers during its 34-episode run, and peaking at 1.67 million viewers (33.8%) on the last episode. This series has recorded the highest viewership rating ever since 1994 in Singapore. It is based on the peranakan family and because I myself come from the peranakan background, i was just so hooked on this drama. What made me like this show even more was the love story between Yueniang and Chen Xi. Omigosh..they are both a match made in heaven!

You guys just got to watch it too!

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