Friday, February 20, 2009

Is happiness a figment of our imagination?

"The best way for a person to have happy thoughts is to count his blessings and not his cash" Anonymous
Reading this quote has made me think and it is so true.
Back in Malaysia, everything was like a rollercoaster ride for me both emotionally and physically. I was working till late at night most days leaving weekends free only to spend some quality time with my kids. It was all about the money game and what maid i was going to have and what house i want to buy and come weekend, it would boil down to what shopping centre do i go to? Coming to Australia is soo different. For the first time, i actually had time on my hands. I worked for a year and a half and i could actually leave right on the dot at 4.30pm. I would reach home at 5pm and have my kids scream and come running to me..such a nice feeling. Back in Msia, by the time i reached home, the kids would either be too tired or preparing for bed time. I had more threshold of income in Msia with both Ironchef and i working compared to now but i feel that i am actually happier here now than before. I actually get to see my family more and yes, although at times i still wish i was back in the workforce, i know that working in Oz is definately much better than working in KL.

This morning, i woke up to walk my lil tinkerbell to kindy and i just soaked in the nice breeze and embraced the birds chirping as we walked hand in hand to kindy. It was just this nice feeling of togetherness and my lil rascal who is 2 yrs of age was just sitting in his pram as Ironchef was pushing the pram. I ask myself how many of us actually get a chance to spend time together on a daily basis. This led me to think about the unfortunate people. Those who lose their loved ones and might not ever get to see them again. My family is my blessing and God is fair. When i lost my elder brother and father 4 years ago, I thought i had noone left. What i do have now is so much more than i could ask for. Yes, they drive me up the wall at times, Yes, they make me cry at times but hey, isn't that what families do to one another? Isn't life about ups and downs? I am still learning not to take things for granted and i admit as much as i tend to take ironchef for granted on numerous occasions, he knows that deep down, he is my one and only.

Is happiness a figment of our imagination? I really dont know but i dare say that amidst my boredom and quarter life crisis, i am experiencing happiness and if it is a figment of my imagination then i hope my imagination does not run out.

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