Monday, June 29, 2009

Measles or maybe not afterall..

This was what i had two weeks ago and i had to quarantine myself for one whole freaking week for fear of measles! This picture i got courtesy from the internet but looks exactly like the spots which i had on my body. Thank god, my face was spared but i can't say the same for my whole body including hands and legs! It was darn itchy as well so i had to refrain from scratching but ironchef was so sweet, he went and bought pinetarsol for me to shower with, solosite for me to apply on my rashes and antihistamine to take to stop the itch!

This happened on an innocent Sunday morning when i woke up and saw these spots on my arms and back..realizing that these were not my typical rashes, i made a quick dash to the medical centre which was a 15 mins walk away. The doctor was more worried that it was meningoccocal but confirmed it wasn't so sent me home. I woke up on Monday and the rashes got worse, they were darker and spread to all part of my upper body so decided to see my GP instead and went to his clinic for a second opinion. His first reaction was to have me undergo a blood test but he did mention that it looked similar to measles. That was the start of my fear. I have 2 children at home so i was worried for them more than anything else.

A few days later, my test results were out and they weren't measles to my surprise! It was an influenza infection! Now..i don't understand what that meant cause i didn't have the atypical symptoms of a cold or flu but it was just so weird!

Anyway, the measles have come and gone..and i am just ecstatic to be able to leave my house and go out and enjoy the nice sunshine!! How depressing it is to stay at home and not go out!

Well..back to my normal, kindy, cleaning...and the vicious cycle never ends..

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