Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The SUPER Toys Sale!

It is the time of the year when there are SALES everywhere!! Known mainly as the End of Financial Year Sale and starts in June onwards. After June, the Toys Sale will start in July. Both Kmart and Big W will normally have their toys sale first which willnlast for 2 weeks. Once it ends, Target will then start their toys sale making buying an endless sight. Anyways, i managed to pick up a few bargains here and there..mainly because it is my lil rascal's birthday next week so the sale came in a perfect time.

An overview of the things i bought from the toys sale

Oooh..this is my personal favourite..and guess who this is for? No..not my kids..but Ironchef!! Yes, he is the one who chose this and calls this robot now his third child!! Can you believe it?? but he is soo cool! He can guard your house and play games..etc..
Price:- was $140 now $68

We decided to choose this remote control fire engine for lil rascal to play with as his present.
Price :- $48

Saw this pack and the kids were just playing with the toy gun. So, decided to get it for them..
Price :- $12
Lil Rascal loves planes..so thought..hmm.why not?
Price- $5

Granny asked to buy this for Lil rascal for his present. Not too bad, as it comes with the tools as well.
Price:- $20
No prizes for guessing who this is for again?? hahah..yes, the big kid in the house.

Every girl needs to have her own make believe kitchen! This was meant to be for Lil Tinkerbell but I must say, i feel ripped off because it is expensive and small!! sigh..
Price:- $48

All these toys caused a major hole in my pocket!! Alas, the damage has been done so don't look back in anger..hehe

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