Friday, June 5, 2009

My teeth

i tried my best to take this picture at an angle with the lights behind it. This is an x-ray of how my teeth looks like and as you can see from the bottom left, my wisdom tooth is at a 90 degrees angle impacting my other teeth.

Well, i had my tooth extracted yesterday. It is the second tooth from the uppper left if you can see it from my picture. The whole procedure went well if you ask me, i was in at 10.15am and out by 10.45am. My left side of my mouth was still numb from the procedure and about 2pm, i finally felt the pain! but don't ask me what the dentist used or how many injections did i get because i had my eyes CLOSED throughout the whole procedure!!

My only recollection was the pushing and tugging felt so similar to my childbirth experience, only difference was this was just a tooth! My dentist was really good and gentle because i had cold, sweaty palms when i went in and she was just so reassuring. I came out from the dentist with a sheet of paper- Extraction Instructions. Really professional i must admit with point form instructions on what to do in the next 48 hours after the extraction and the clinic will ring me today to make sure i am ok! haha..all this trouble for a tooth extraction!

Anyways, retail therapy helped me in my pain..hahah..i went shopping with Rita and since it was the EOFS sales going on everywhere at the moment, it was bliss! I couldn't eat anything solid for 24 hours so it was just pumpkin soup for lunch and porridge for dinner..and now my stomach is rumbling and i am starving!! I think i can eat a whole COW if it is in front of me now!!

Oh well, one more to go! I don't think i am ready just yet for another extraction..hmm..will wait for a few more weeks before i go to the oral surgeon! Yes, i was referred to an oral surgeon because extractions of wisdom tooth are a more complicated process..sigh..such is life!!

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