Friday, June 12, 2009

Winter is definately here..

It has been so cold lately that i am glad i am not working! I hate dragging myelf out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and having to walk out of the door in the freezin cold! let's see...our morning temperatures are now between 3-6 degrees but our afternoons are much better. Today is an exception..because it is soo cloudy and the sun is not shining..the temp is only 13 degrees but feels so much colder than that and the wind..oh my gosh...the wind has its way of seeping through your jeans to your skin and yikes!! i hate it when that now i am just hybernating at home with my heater on and a nice warm blanket on me...AHH..BLISS!!

An update on my personal goal, i have finally lost 10kg! YES!! 10kg!! WOOHOO!!! I started my aim of loosing weight when i found myself putting on excessively and knew i had to take action so i signed up for the gym..and like the saying pain, no gain! I have 5 more kg to go in order to achieve my ideal weight. Although my BMI still indicates that I am healthy but i want to achieve more than that. Also, I plan to eat like a pig when i fly back to Malaysia for the holiday so now is my time to loose all that weight before i gain them back again and NO, i am not going to regret if i gain weight again because it is not often that i am going back and i know i can loose the weight again when i fly YES..all my favourite food...HERE I COME SOOON!!

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