Saturday, June 13, 2009

Feeding my drama addiction

So there i was sitting on my couch on a Friday night with both kids in bed at 7.30pm which is not often they do that and deciding to myself on what i should do when suddenly it hit This website was given to me by my friends who told me about it..apparently i can watch any dramas i want online from HK, Japan to Korean and even Taiwanese so yes, this is the night to do that..

So it was a choice between a hong kong show or a korean one when i decided to opt for a korean one, besides the actor is HOT! The title of the show, Autumn Tale. It is a story between a close knit family and their two children who are are close to one another when one day through an accident discovers that their daughter is not their real daughter because they were switched accidently in the hospital. So this family is from a well to do family whereelse the other family is from a struggling poor family. Anyways, i was watching through episode 1..2..then it got really interesting..then come episode 3 &4...i started all korean dramas..the producers do know the right buttons to press cause i like had to cry in every episode and in episode 5..i got really angry at one of the characters in the movie being impatient..decided to cheat.

I went immediately to the last episode!! Boy..was that a MAJOR MISTAKE!! I ended up crying like a PIG..and Iron chef was there just sittting down and laughing all the way!! haha..ok, i thought it was going to be a happy ending that was why i thought i would see the ending so i would be happy and then start again..but little did i was going to be soo SAD and unfair!! so much so.i told ironchef..i am not watching it again..the ending is just or even sadder than the beginning and he couldn't resist laughing at me AGAIN!!

Thank goodness, i woke up this morning without swollen eyes! sigh..note to myself..

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