Monday, April 6, 2009

Tiring Week

It has been such a tiring week. We went to Canberra for our holiday and it turned out to be more stressful for me than staying home. Next time, i am so going to take a babysitter along!! The whole entire trip was good but entertaining the kids were the real challenging bit. Imagine the kids not having their favourite movies, not having their favourite toys and not having their favourite books with them = DISASTER!! I was so happy and relieved to be back..haha..imagine that??

Apart from the kids, it was not too bad. WE managed to squeeze in abit of shopping and some sightseeing but i MUST add that the service in the Malaysian High Commission in Canberra was APPALLING! The people behind the counter were so shockingly RUDE and anyone who has been there will definately agree with me! I don't understand how these people who are supposed to be representing the embassy have such a terrible attitude. I am going to write in an official complaint about this because I find it so embarassing being a Malaysian and walking into my own embassy and having to put up with this. If we find it terrible, can you imagine how foreigners will think about us when they step into the embassy??

Coming back, i was so bogged down with household chores, it is no joke..i had to clean the house, wash the clothes, bla bla...and the list goes on..i hope with the easter break coming along, i can have some peace and rest.

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