Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Autumn Cleaning

Tis the time of the year where I will have to sit down and sort out our wardrobes from the adults to the children and start packing away summer clothes and start bringing out the winter jackets and sweaters. Even the bedsheets have to be changed from cotton to fleece and I have to start taking down the doona and packing away our summer blanket. Weather is getting cooler now which i look forward too..I am so NOT a summer person..i think I had enough of the HOT weather and I am now ready to embrace the cold..haha..

It doesn't help when i have both kids down with a cold but i have discovered Brauer and it is really good! Instead of giving them medication, Brauer is actually a homeopathic product which helps stimulates recovery and the good thing about it is that it does not contain as much chemical ingredients as normal medication does. This reminds me that it is time for my kids to have their flu vaccination in time for winter.

On another note, we have finally decided to go back to Malaysia for the holidays. MAS and SIA were both having cheap flights back but it came down to choosing MAS as our first preference because I want the convenience of a direct flight considering the fact that I am going to be stuck in an airplane for 8 hours with two kids alone when I head back to Adelaide. Ironchef can only take 2.5 weeks max for this trip so we will fly back to Msia together but he is going to be back earlier and spending Xmas alone and maybe NYE..(that i am not too sure yet) Am still deciding whether to stay till Jan or mum wants me too but hmm..we shall see about that later in the year but for now, it is time for me to start cleaning away...

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