Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lil Tinkerbell turns 4!

Lil Tinkerbell aged 1.

Lil Tinkerbell aged 2.

Lil Tinkerbell aged 3.


Lil Tinkerbell aged 4 and her new doll. She named her "Rosie".

My lil tinkerbell turned 4 years old last week on the 15th and I can't believe how much has happened in that 4 years. She has from a baby changed and transformed into a baby..a girl now..and she is such a big girl now! She is so independent now, talks for herself and is even going to kindy!! Gone were the days when she was just a baby, gone were the days i used to carry her everywhere..i still can carry her now but at 20kg..i don't think so..hehe..but sigh..Ironchef and I were just looking at her amazed at how fast she has grown up and missing the times when she just a lil bub..

Happy Birthday my darling princess and for more birthdays to come..

we love you sweety..

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