Thursday, April 23, 2009

Girls night with the kids..

Ironchef had to go on a country trip for work leaving me behind for 3 whole days and 2 nights..sniff sniff..I didn't really fancy the idea of staying home alone with 2 kids so i picked up the phone and rang Ms Chatterbox to see if she was free and come stay with me and she was and there began my first time having a girls night with the kids. I was beginning to get excited because Ms Chatterbox had all these baking ideas she wanted to do with my kids whom she calls her surrogate niece and nephews which i think is soo sweet. So, our first night started with chocolate brownies and there she was making baking look like a whizz with Lil Tinkerbell helping her stir the mixture and before you know it, the brownies were popped in the oven and ready to eat within an hour. Jo came around too and hung out with us for two nights.

Second night came so quickly as she baked chocolate square puff pastry with the kids help again and once again, i was in awe as to how easy baking can actually be with the kids! Each time I bake so far, it would be without the kids cause I dread to think of the mess they will leave behind but seeing Ms Chatterbox and the kids do it has open a new perspective and maybe it really is not that bad afterall. The second night came and gone as quickly as the first night and I really did enjoy the company of the girls with the kids around. We were sharing, laughing and most of all eating..but it was fun cause for the first time in five years, i got to hang out and have a girly night again. I broke all my diet rules too that day..but heck..good food and company doesn't come too often :)

Ms Chatterbox and Lil Tinkerbell stirring the mixture

End Result :- Yummy chocolate brownie!

Thanks girls...I wouldn't have survive the two nights without your company, XOXOXO

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