Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A hot spring ahead?

Normally, i embrace spring because the weather warms up but not to the extent of hot so it is very refreshing to have a nice 20 degrees day everyday. This year, the weather has been soo weird!!

Firstly, Winter wasn't cold at all..well, i would say we had a very mild winter and it was just raining every single day making me miserable the entire time. Not only was i depressed because i couldn't walk out to the shops but i was handicapped too! I had to be dependent on either Ironchef or Karen (Caitlin's mum) to help me pick and drop Lil Tinkerbell off at kindy. I hate being dependent on people and I hate being cooped up at home 24/7!!

So winter came and gone, we had Spring and guess what? It was the coldest Spring fact, it felt colder than winter itself!! So when my mum came and visited us here, she was shivering down to her bones because of the wind and chill! Poor mum!!

The latest weather forecast this worse!! Everyone knows i hate summer! I hate the heat and I hate flies and bugs and everything that comes with it..and guess what again? It is 28 degrees today and tomorrow 31 degrees before dropping back to 28 degrees again and to top it all off..this is going to be a whopping 36 degrees this Sunday! (mind you, it is not even Summer yet!!) sigh...climate change..

By the way, we had an unexpected visitor in my garden few days ago....

A yucky Shingleback lizard!! It walked inside my garden unwelcomed and totally..i mean TOTALLY freeaked me out!! By the time i actually saw it, i scurried the kids into the house immediately and rang ironchef up! He wasn't at home so the next option was to ring a friend which i did who turned up 30 mins later only to find that it had already left! Phew..thank goodness!!

I told people about it and guess what they said? Ooo...they are harmless..they don't bite as long as you don't disturb them..and they are good for the gardens and it is good to have them! Heck NO!! You can have them in yours as long as you like...they are soooo...not welcomed here! Eee...just seeing this picture again is giving me goosebumps all over my body and now each time i open my door...i freeze for a second and scan through my garden to make sure i don't see them lying anywhere!!

See?? when the weather warms up..this is what we get? now can u understand why i am such a winter person??

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