Saturday, January 2, 2010

The year that was...and the year to come..

Finally another year has passed! As I reflect back on 2009, important events and memories that happened be it good or bad seems so surreal now. hmm..Each day that passes by in my life seems so fast..time and tide waits for no man and i believe in that statement. Sometimes i have this urge to want time to stand still when i am enjoying life and my family at its most sweetest times..times when i look at my precious babies to see how much they have grown up eversince the first time i learnt to change their diapers. Those times felt like just yesterday yet reality is that time is passing by really quickly.

2009...hmm..the year:-

# We finally got our PR granted after waiting patiently for 2 years!
# Isabel was defined a gifted child by a psychologist and accepted into Mensa. She is now 1 of 8 kids under the age of 10 yrs old in South Australia to be a member.
# My son's vocabulary increased and talking so much more now than ever before..even cheekier as well,
# I lost 12 kgs by going through a rigid gym exercise schedule and diet included.
# I started this new blog as i come to terms of being a housewife and to start prioritising my family first.

I am actually contented to life in general last what will the coming year be? I wonder..I had my life read by a fortune teller back in i shall wait and see if his predictions come true or not but in the meanwhile my resolutions for 2010 are:-

# To start studying again
# To potty train lil rascal and hope this time i am successful cause last year, it failed miserably
# To save more $$$..which is what i keep telling myself everyday but somehow again..i seem to forget (sigh..)
# To go to brisbane and gold coast for a nice family holiday end of the year

That's all..on my end for now. Wish me all the luck cause i am gonna need lots of them..and to everyone i know..Happy New Year and may the new year bring you guys lots of love, joy and good health!!

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