Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm one very proud parent!

I blogged about my Lil Tinkerbell in my previous post a few months back about her achievements and what i have observed in her. Well, Ironchef and I finally made a decision to send her to see a psychologist and have her tested. We basically just wanted to know whether she was indeed a gifted child or not and if she is a gifted child then what can we do as parents?

The first appointment was nerve wrecking because hey, it is not everyday you walk into a doctor's clinic and say..i think my kid is a genius and turns out not to be one..but i guess we just had to find out. So there we were early in the morning for our first appointment with Mr Sandy Litt. He then went on and started performing a series of IQ tests on her which comprised of drawing to copying to memory games. The first session went well and through his observation, he already indicated to us that YES, on hand we do have a gifted child as she seemed to possess an intellectual ability far beyond her chronological age. We are talking about the mentality of a 7 yr old at hand as she managed to breezed through the tests meant for 3-6 yr olds and was working on 7yr old tests.

We came out beaming with joy but we had to wait for the second and final session for Mr Sandy to finally analyze and come out with an overall report. So the second session was last Monday in the arvo and we brought her in and again she sat down obediently doing her "fun games" as she calls it. Finally after the session, Mr Sandy told us that overall her IQ is at the 99th percentile which is the highest one can achieve!!

UNBELIEVABLE! We were just stoked! Dumbfounded! We didn't see this coming..we knew she was matured and smart but not this SMART!

Now the reality is finally hitting us which then boils down to what next? What can we do? Well, we are suppose to stimulate her..she is always wanting to do something..which is true..and i need actually a support group. parents who have gifted children too so i can then talk to them, get their right now, i am just surfing the internet for more information and hopefully help us in guiding her to use her ability to the max.

Another good suggestion was music classes so i have signed her up for piano hopefully she will find joy in that too. It seems abit daunting now to think of the future and what lies ahead of her but I must learn never to forget that she is still a child and her social behaviour is most important. How she interacts with other kids her age and having friends is the most important thing for her right now..all the rest..I guess can come later..

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