Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spring has arrived..

Yes, winter is now officially over and Spring has arrived. As much as i love winter, spring is just as good. I love seeing flowers booming and festivals starting again. One such event is the Royal Adelaide Show which starts from the 4th Sept and every year, without fail we will bring the kids there and buy loads of showbags the kids can sit on their rides. This year, we will be going on the bargain day which falls next week on Wednesday and Thursday as it is much cheaper.

Apart from the normal sniffles and coughs which happen during winter, i guess everyone of us have survived the winter bugs and once again, hopefully put all those behind us as we look forward to Spring. Spring also calls for more BBQ's which i have yet to plan but is going to definately be on my list of things to do..hehe

But for now, I have to get fit first as ironchef and i have signed up for the city to bay fun run this year which will be on the 20th and will be running 6km. I remember my first year running..oh my gosh!! i was soo unfit and even a granny was more fit than I was!! By the time i finished my run, i was walking more like a duck and was in pain for daysssss...This year, because i have been going to the gym more often now, i am quite confident that i should be in a better state of health this year..haha.*crossing my fingers*...

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