Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my hiatus

well..it is not that i haven't had anything interesting to blog about..on the contrary..i had heaps of stuff to do like fixing up appointments to see the optometrist to have my eye check done, the doctor to have my kids immunised, buying tickets for the royal adelaide show and the fairies concert because Isabel wanted to watch them, signing up for the 6km city to bay fun run and my most recent project- i am on a hunt to shop around for another electricity supplier!

My latest power bill came and i could feel my legs giving way the minute i ripped apart the envelope and read the content. There..you can read it yourself..

Yes..a whopping A$467.25!! This is a quarterly bill but last year, it didn't reach the A$400 mark at all!! This winter has brought nothing but rain so in addition to the constant heater being on..i had the dryer on each time i washed my clothes and because Isabel has to come home from kindy with 1 tonne of sand in her shoes and pants!! I swear I could soo strangle that girl..but i can't help it..if all her friends are in the sand pit making mermaids? sigh..i end up washing her clothes every single day including her sweaters as well!

Anyways, I have two companies giving me their fees for electricity so am waiting on the other company to give me theirs before we decide and switch. Meanwhile, my two kids have been sick so i am basically stuck at home with two sick kids..and here..i am not joking..
see my lil rascal giving me a very bored--I am Sick look! Now don't disturb me while i watch my favourite cartoons on tv!

and my dear lil Tinkerbell...the one who always poses in front of me when she sees me pulling out the camera..well, even she decides NOT to show me anything!

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