Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Playing the waiting game and playing it with patience!

There is one thing which I have learnt about myself over the years and that is I do not have any Patience whatsoever!! I am so impatient that I want things NOW!! So, imagine my despair knowing that after submitting my PR application 2 months ago and not hearing anything from them until yesterday to find out that I am near yet so FAR!! The anxiety, frustration, anger and impatient side of me started kicking in!!

You see, because i have to leave my kids behind during our first year here (not by choice), they came only last year, the department has written to me and i have to take my children for another medical check here. The problem is that it is going to cost me another FREAKING AU$182 per child and not only that, i rang them early this morning to make an appointment and the next first available appointment WEDNESDAY!!!

What am i going to do till then? Sit around and wait!! I HATE to wait! Kids are so fragile these days and it doesn't help when it is winter so it is cold and not knowing when some scheming bug or virus decides to inhabit one of my kids or even worse both..then what am i going to do next?? wait again?? ARGH...

Not fair...i am like thisssss close to getting my PR approved..yet it feels like eternity! Furthermore, i have to plan lil rascal's party which is this Sat as he turns 3 now! So, double whammy..not feeling the best at all in organizing things for his party but i have to do what i have to do..hehe

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