Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Lil Rascal is turning into a boy..

All this while my lil rascal has been the baby of the house and he still is but the day we said goodbye to nappies made me realise that THIS was going to be the LAST time i will walk down an aisle full of baby things. I won't be walking into a shop full of baby things either..cause my Lil Rascal is now a boy!!

No more wet wipes!! No more Nappies!..sigh..and to admit i kinda miss those nappy days...heck, at least i get away with shopping cause i don't have to stop whatever i am doing just to rush to the toilet so that he doesn't pee in his pants... and did i mention the times..when we were in coles getting our groceries..just the two of us and there i am with a trolley full of goods and he had to.."mummy..i need to pee..NOW!"..Gosh..i could have won like a gold medal for i had to abandon my whole trolley in the middle of any god forsaken aisle and carry him to find the nearest toilet i could get him into!! Phew..yes..that is my shopping life now..ever ready to make that quick dash to the toilet whenever he needs too..i must admit i am better at doing this now..cause i force him to go to the toilet before we GO anywhere so i don't have to abandon any shopping carts!

I am glad i waited till he was ready to take his own step to being a boy..cause it only took me 1 week for him to be comfortable enough wearing his undies and leaving his nappies behind for good. I mean i remember the drama i had last year..gosh!! He was crying, half naked running around the whole house like a chicken without a head looking everywhere for his pampers (partially cause i hid them away from him) I must say though..that 1 week i took training him involved putting his green ikea potty permanently as a statue in the middle of my living room and did i mention i had to put newspapers all over it as well so that his pee doesn't drop onto the carpets?? yes..the pains of potty training and the constant nagging that would have me beat an 80 year old granny as well! i think like every 5 mins..i had to ask Lil u need to wee?Do you need to pee? until he and I were both sick to death by the end of one week! I think i grew so tired of asking at one stage that i was like..whatever! hahaa..but then i came back to my senses again and started the ball rolling again with nagging him!

Anyway, after one week of nagging and my house turning into a war zone..he was nappy free and as of last week, he has stopped nappies at night too! an adorable sweetie I have..who just amazes us! I can't stop pinching his butt cheeks now..they are like the tiniest most adorable butt cheeks i have even pinched!! ahha..i know i sound like a paedophile..but i am NOT!! I am just a mum who is in love with her son! haha..

well..cheers to underwear and the start to his boyhood!

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  1. congrats! u're a GREAT mommy! and super patient! I'm not even gonna think as far as potty training k....i still haven't gotten over the weaning off breastmilk yet....and she's already 18 months!!! sigh...